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Obtaining the Accredited Condominium Manager (ACM) designation is an important step for our members’ clients to be able to identify qualified, experienced condominium management professionals in Alberta who are dedicated to the profession and committed to a code of professional ethics. Upcoming legislation is expected to require accreditation and licensing of Condominium Managers.

The ACM designation is available to members with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the industry and have demonstrated knowledge by successfully passing an industry related exam (ACM Exam Application Formand by being a paid member of ACMA and maintaining the ACMA membership.

The ACM exam entails short answer questions ranging in areas of Condominium Maintenance, Insurance, Legal, Responsibility, AGM’s, Condominium Plans, and Multi-Storied Buildings.  The exam is three (3) hours long and a set of generic by-laws, the Condominium Property Act and the Condominium Property Regulations are provided for referral.  This is a short answer exam and no essay style answers are required.

The exam fee is $100.00 and the completed form (ACM Exam Application Form) and fee must be received before an exam date will be confirmed. A passing grade to earn the ACM designation is 75% and the exam results are usually provided within 1 week of the exam.  The Certificate and ACM Pin will be awarded at an upcoming ACMA Luncheon regularly held in either Edmonton and Calgary or mailed.

There are locations in Calgary and Edmonton to write the exam.  Please contact the ACMA office at 1-866-451-2262 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or open the link to ACM Exam Application Form to arrange to write the exam.

What is it?

The RCM (Registered Condominium Manager) is a professional designation that carries with it codes and standards. Getting this designation requires dedication to the field, competency and integrity. ACMA members with this designation are charged with creating good-will for fellow members, their employers and firms and the clients they represent. ACMA offers the RCM as a means of ensuring its members have the proper understanding to mold their clients' community and the living conditions and standards of its people.


  • Each RCM must pledge to place honesty, integrity and industriousness above all else, to pursue gainful efforts with diligent study and dedication to the end that service to clients shall always be maintained at the highest possible level.
  • The effort to obtain an RCM identifies a manager who is committed to the profession.
  • The RCM practices pursuant to a Code of Professional Ethics which also provides for a complaints resolution process.


  • The RCM has been tested on all aspects of condominium management.
  • The RCM provides direction and leadership to all the condominium staff.
  • The RCM is trained to collaborate with the directors, owners and suppliers to create a harmonious condominium community.

Standard of Care

  • The RCM provides assistance to the board and supervises the overall operation of the corporation.
  • The RCM will ensure that all meetings are effectively organized.
  • The RCM is trained to understand and enforce the by-laws, rules and policies.
  • The RCM has skills in communications and human relations.


  • The RCM has received comprehensive education in all aspects of condominium management.
  • The RCM is skilled in time management and project planning.
  • The RCM has access to the full resources of ACMA.


  • The RCM has a minimum of two (2) years direct management experience deailing with the unique aspects of condominiums.
  • The RCM has an understanding of physical building systems
  • The RCM will be able to provide meaningful annual budgets.
  • The RCM has a working knowledge of all legislation impacting condominiums.


  • The RCM will ensure cost effective purchasing and negotiations with suppliers.
  • The RCM is responsible for accurate accounting records and monitoring of annual budgets.
  • The RCM will enforce collection procedures for maintenances fees.
  • The RCM will supervise teh implementation of reserve fund plans and risk management plans.

Getting Started

How you earn your RCM depends on how you you've worked as a condominium property manager.

If you have at least 5 years but less than 10 years of experience:

  1. Complete the following 4 self-study courses and pass subject specific exams:
    1. Condominium law
    2. Physical building managment
    3. Financial planning for condominium mangers
    4. Condominium administration and human relations
  2. Write the final RCM exam and achieve an overall grade of at least 75%.
  3. Have at least two consecutive years of experience in condominium property management, completing the required tasks as outlined on the RCM Designation form.
  4. Download, complete and submit the RCM Designation form.

If you have at least 10 years of experience:

  1. Write the final RCM exam and achieve an overall grade of at least 75%. If an applicant fails any subject area in the RCM exam (i.e. achieves less than 75% in any sibject area), they are required to take write the challenge exam for that area.
  2. Download, complete and submit the RCM Designation form.

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