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Smart Condo!

Every year it seems there are a new batch of consumer focused IoT (internet of things) devices. These needlessly complex devices keep coming out in spades. This year's prime example of over complicating something is the Nespresso Prodigio, a Bluetooth connected capsule espresso maker. Does any one really need an espresso maker that sends you a reminder when it is finished brewing?

Espresso takes less than a minute to make! What else in your life is so important that you can't dedicate an entire minute to make espresso?! Needless to say, it seems like these devices are the product of screen obsession. Nothing like that rush from getting a notification on your phone!

But not all of these devices are born of a crazy gadget/self obsessed modern culture. Instead some of them may even be useful. Here are a few things that we think could actually make a condominium manager's life easier.

Leak/Moisture Sensors

Having a few minutes' head-start on leaks can make a difference of thousands of dollars in damages. Luckily leak sensors are relatively cheap, reliable and accurate pieces of kit. The best of them allow for easy access and set up. Setting up leak sensors in areas that are leak prone – around water features, pools, etc. – and in mechanical rooms can provide instant notice when disaster strikes.

Our recommendation is to look at devices like the SmartThings Water Leak Sensor. It costs around $40 and provides peace of mind to managers and owners alike. It can send emails, push notifications or even text messages to one or many numbers. Making it ideal for making sure you can get water turned off and save damage to the building.

Automated concierge

A huge improvement is coming for access control. Tado, and companies like it, are building applications that tie directly into the services in your building. This let's owners customize what happens when they arrive or leave their house. Tado boasts that their app can turn the lights off as you leave, roll the temperature back, arm your alarm system and more. Coming home on a scorcher? Tado can turn on the owner's AC, turn the lights on, start fans and more. All of this can even be tied into some brands of access control so that they can walk up to their door and have it unlock without ever touching their keys!

Forced air filters

When was the last time that filter was changed? There are lots of ways of keeping track of mechanical filters in your properties. But why not let them take care of themselves? Keen Home Smart Filters monitor the quality of air passing through them and signal you when they need replacing. For $3/month the filters even replace themselves! Well…almost. They will send you a new air filter when they need replacing, in the correct spec. All you need to do is pop it in! Neat!

There are more of these sorts of gadgets every day. Some are silly, like the tray that alerts you when you are out of eggs for example, but others are able to help reduce energy costs, provide security and improve the quality of life for owners! Not to mention some of them can be used to make your job a little easier.

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