What We Do

ACMA is a voluntary association with a mandate to enforce its Code of Ethics on its membership. The integrity of ACMA is based on having its members representing best practice and the public interest. This means that your complaints are thoroughly investigated. ACMA will contact you within 15 days to follow up on your complaint.

Because enrollment and membership in ACMA is voluntary, it is possible that your manager or management company are not bound to the ACMA Code of Ethics. To determine if your manager or management company are members, please review our public member directory. If you do not find your manager, or the company they represent on this list ACMA has no jurisdiction over their conduct.

Please note: There is a $500 deposit required to investigate claims against a member of ACMA. This deposit is meant to dissuade inquiries that are not meritous. ACMA will return the deposit in most cases, though claims that are found to be spurious, beyond the scope of ACMA’s code of conduct or without merit will be refunded at a reduced rate as agreed on by the Board of Directors. Investigations are held in strict confidentiality.

If you have found your member on the directory, please complete the complaint form.

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