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Human Rights and Condominium Corporations

On March 24, 2016 Justice Robert Graesser came to the decision that Human Rights apply to condominium corporations.

“It is recognized in Alberta as a fundamental principle and as a matter of public policy that all persons are equal in: dignity, rights and responsibilities without regard to race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, gender identity, gender expression, physical disability, mental disability, age, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, source of income, family status or sexual orientation.”

The above is what the Alberta Human Rights Act protects.

Now, all condominium corporation in Alberta must provide goods, services, facilities or accommodation customarily available to the general public in the same manner to all individuals regardless of the above protected dimensions of identity.

In terms of day-to-day living inside of a condominium there are now more accommodations that need to be offered. There is a new means of seeking judgement. There are changes afoot in the operation of every condominium.

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Do you live in a hotel or a condo?

The Alberta Condominium Property Act has specific language that does not allow any bylaw, policy or rule which attempts to cut off a unit owners ability to lease their property. There is case law that shows that restrictions on commercial activities from the Queen’s bench is totally fine. The question when dealing with Airbnb, and other short term rental services, then becomes: when does leasing become a commercial activity?

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Get Involved - Looking for our Next Board

The ACMA board nomination process is open for 2016-2017. We’re looking for interested parties to help push ACMA into its next 20 years. With the success that ACMA has recently enjoyed we’re now in a position to continue to build our relationship with managers across the province, with governments and with provincial authorities.

Board service with ACMA can be a rewarding experience for anyone who would like to be involved. The requirements are fairly straight forward.

  1. Be available for a monthly board meeting
    Our Board meetings are held monthly and last for between 60 and 90 minutes. Typically, these meetings are held as conference calls, though we do attempt to meet in person a few times a year.
  2. Have an interest in condominium management
    This should seem evident, but ACMA is looking for our most active and creative members to help propel, explore and develop the condominium management industry.

That’s it. If you are willing to put in more work we’d be ecstatic! If you have ambition and are willing to help, but don’t have a designation, we’re working on a way that you can help build ACMA. We've got lots of positions that are available for you to help support your industry.

Positions for 2016-2017


Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Treasurer/Secretary

Committee chairs:

Events, Education, Government Relations, Membership and any other helpers we can get.


If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a member of the ACMA Board of Directors we need them to express interest by contacting the office. You can email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., fax (403) 541-0915 or mail it to 200 – 6 Crowfoot Circle, N.W. Calgary, AB, T3G 2T3.

Whats Next for ACMA Summer 2016

What’s Next for ACMA

As ACMA’s year draws to a close we come to a new opportunity. It is time to set our agenda for 2016-2017. This year we’ll be celebrating our 20 anniversary! Since ACMA’s original inception in 1997 there have been changes to the industry. We’ve twice seen amendments made to the Condominium Property Act. The latest round of changes in 2014 have changed the landscape of the industry once again, and now we have the opportunity to make even more impact. With ACMA’s ongoing discussions with RECA and Service Alberta we continue to monitor the interests of all Alberta’s condominium managers.

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Smart Condo!

Every year it seems there are a new batch of consumer focused IoT (internet of things) devices. These needlessly complex devices keep coming out in spades. This year's prime example of over complicating something is the Nespresso Prodigio, a Bluetooth connected capsule espresso maker. Does any one really need an espresso maker that sends you a reminder when it is finished brewing?

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What is Mudjacking?

This is a sponsored post on behaf of Western Conrete Lifters. Thanks you so much to Western Concrete Lifters for choosing to support ACMA. You can get more details on how to have your content placed by contacting us.

Mud-jacking (also referred to as Concrete Lifting/Slabjacking) is a process that is used throughout North America, where heavy concrete slabs are lifted and moved using a complex hydraulic system.

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