RECA, Bill 9, Service Alberta and ACMA

ACMA continues its efforts to meet with RECA and discuss the implementation of Bill 9. As in many of our meetings with RECA we've made good progress in discussing the differences between our industry's best practice and that of other elements of the real estate industry.

Recently we were able to discuss some of these elements with Kelly Refah, Brendan Guhl and Lee Chantal, representatives from Service Alberta.

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Building Maintenance Bylaw – YYC

The City of Calgary was faced with a tough dilemma in 2014. After a series of events that culminated in the collapse of a building façade, it was time to take action. Inquiries were gathered. Experts met. The City was prepared to move on a new bylaw to hold owners accountable. Except the law was flawed. Very flawed. In November of 2015 Calgary City Council voted down the proposed bylaw and sent it back to committee to face some serious rewrites.

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Know your ABCs - The Alberta Building Code

The ABC (Alberta Building Code) changes are in. On November 1, 2015 Alberta adopted the 2011 National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB). The transition period for that ends May 1, 2016. This is reflected in the 2014 ABC Part 9 Buildings, 9.36 Energy Efficiency. That part of the ABC comes into effect on May 1 and the transition period ending on November 1.

If that is confusing. That's because it is.

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What Strata Aren't

Mixed use property is a conundrum. Awful relationships have been spawned out of commercial and residential owners being party to the same condominium corporation. That is not to say that condominium corporations are a lousy tool for mixed use property. It means that there is opportunity for improvement. Thankfully some ingenious developers in Alberta are using strata titling to circumvent the Alberta Condominium and Property Act, flaunt established rules and processes and generally invent their own legal paradigm in an attempt to do whatever they feel like to make money.

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