The Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta is a voluntary association with a mandate to enforce its Code of Ethics based on its relationship with its members. This role is one we take seriously to ensure we represent the members. The integrity of ACMA is based on having members representing public interest. This means your complaints are thoroughly investigated. ACMA will contact you within 15 days to follow up on your complaint.

Because enrollment and membership in ACMA is voluntary, it is possible that your manager or management company are not bound to the ACMA Code of Ethics. To determine if your manager or management company are members click this link and review the list of our members.

ACMA will only review a dispute claim against a member through the Ethics Policy whereby the member is in breach of the ACMA Code of Ethics. Such breach will be determined by the ACMA Board of Directors.

In the event that a dispute or misunderstanding should occur between an ACMA Member and the general public regarding the normal course of business between the complainant and ACMA Member, such disputes will be referred to the ADR Institute of Alberta's (ADRIA) for arbitration and resolution.

If you do not find your manager on the membership list, we may be able to suggest another resource for you.  

If you have found your member please click below to complete the complaint form: