Registered Condominium Manager

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4 courses are required to be eligible to write the RCM exam. Applicants with more than 5 years experience may choose to challenge any exam. For more details on challenging exams, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


All aspects of the law and documents that govern condominiums are addressed in this course. Emphasis is placed on the Condominium Property Act. In addition to the Act, related governance that includes Bylaws and Rules will be covered as well as how and when to use lawyers and other professionals. Other legislation affecting condominiums will also be discussed such as: The Human Rights Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Contract Law, Agency Law and litigation.  

Manual and exam:     $250.00 +GST
Exam only:                  $100.00 +GST


Learn how to operate a condominium according to sound fiscal policies and procedures to assure a condominium’s long term economic success. Topics covered will include: budgets; collection; expenses; reserve fund; investments; accounting methods; financial statements; cash-flow planning; audits; borrowing; and treasurers and auditors.

Manual and exam:     $275.00 +GST
Exam only:                  $100.00 +GST



Learn about physical aspects of the total building site and how to get the most beneficial life expectancy out of the common elements through good maintenance practices. This in-depth course focuses on residential condominium structures and emphasizes proactive maintenance and reactive management practices for effective day-to-day building management and the handling of emergency situations. Topics covered provide a working knowledge from a property management perspective of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electricity, building envelop, plumbing systems, fire systems, technical audits, and grounds-keeping. In addition to learning when to call in professionals and how to work with them, you will also learn how to problem-solve within the physical building environment and effectively communicate issues and solutions to your board of directors.

Manual and exam:     $275.00 +GST
Exam only:                  $100.00 +GST


This course is designed to provide the information, knowledge and skills required for effective condominium management. Focusing on the practical aspects of management and communication in condominiums, the following topics will be covered: preparing for, and managing, Board and General meetings; policies and procedures; contracting; staff management; condominium insurance; financial reporting; communication; public relations; and time and paper management.

Manual and exam:      $250.00 +GST
Exam only:                  $100.00 +GST

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