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RECA, Bill 9, Service Alberta and ACMA

ACMA continues its efforts to meet with RECA and discuss the implementation of Bill 9. As in many of our meetings with RECA we've made good progress in discussing the differences between our industry's best practice and that of other elements of the real estate industry.

Recently we were able to discuss some of these elements with Kelly Refah, Brendan Guhl and Lee Chantal, representatives from Service Alberta.

Much to our surprise there remains some confusion as to the role of the condominium manager. First on the line was fee collection. It is generally understood that condominium managers are in charge of fee collection. This lead to a larger discussion of what financial services are typically offered by condominium managers. It was ACMA's opinion that most of our members are not simply collecting fees and putting the money into a bank account on the condominium's behalf. Instead we feel that financial management was being provided. This included tasks like budgeting, suggesting vehicles for the reserve fund and providing guidance on all the financial matters that arise within the condominiums they manage.

When Lucien Roy, ACMA vice-president, explained the larger financial responsibility that most members provide realization dawned on the members that were gathered.  There is more to this career than picking up cheques.

This discussion lead to discussion of our, the condominium manager's, role. What about the large piece on physical asset management? Repairs and maintenance is only a small portion of managing the larger shared asset. This topic seemed to be entirely new information to the group.

One thing remains abundantly clear from this conversation. There is still a lot of work ahead. Ensuring that our elected officials, the bureaucrats and committees, and industry associations understand the actual work that we do on a daily basis is critical. It is critical to the health of our profession. It is not enough to be satisfied that licensing can protect our industry's reputation. We need to ensure that the correct measure of our careers is taken.

How can you help us? We're always looking to our members to take the opportunity to talk to elected officials, partake in committee meetings and provide feedback to groups like RECA and Service Alberta. ACMA will continue to make and take meetings with stakeholders. You can be a part of it. Contact the office, talk to a board member or just phone your MLA and have a discussion about why this is important. ACMA's members are in the business of protecting people's homes, and the people in charge need to know.

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